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  • Introduction
  • This project was the second collaboration between ECOCIENCIA and the CENTRE D'ESTUDIS AMBIENTALS DE BARCELONA

    It was carried out in 1998 and it was presented in Formentera, at the CLUB DIARIO DE IBIZA of the 27th of May 1999 by José Mª Badia, with the presence of the President of ECOCIENCIA, Ben Beeckmans.

    Authors: José Mª Badia, Nemesio Muñoz and José Núñez.

  • Present situation and justification for the project
  • The island of Formentera differs from the other Balearic Islands, because of its small size and the quality and quantity of its tourism. Its small size and the presence of salt-flats, of great ecological importance, make the territorial organisation fundamental.

    Further, its tourism (not so intense as on Ibiza, nor sustainable) also determines the management of the island´s resources and as a consequence the environmental state of Formentera.
    In Formentera no environmental study has ever been carried out that deals with all aspects related to the environment on a global level. Although some studies have been made of specific themes related to the environment, a complete study , taking into consideration all aspects which determine the environmental state and conservation of the island, has not yet been made.

    This idea links up with the concept of "Agendas 21" where paragraph 28 recommends that all local and supra-local communities create their own plan of environmental action in order to obtain a sustainable level of development.

  • Objective of the project
  • The main objective of this project is to carry out a description and evaluation of the environmental state of the island of Formentera.

    With this study a global vision of the present situation will be obtained which can later be used as a basis for the solution of the major environmental problems and their causes.

    A final aim would be that this study can be used as a reference for the carrying out of further studies on more specific themes related to the environment.


    In Annex the Metodology and the Conclusions.

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  • Method


    Diario de Ibiza - Event's notification

    Diario de Ibiza (Article nº1 in Spanish)

    Diario de Ibiza (Article nº2 in Spanish)

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